• Divakar Karavadi says:

    Talking about simplicity when I met a director at Google , he was telling us that “Google do not release anything from Fri thru Mon”. Unless you are either Larry Page or Sergey Brin , even the VP or CIO can’t do a release on Fri or week-end . If a scrum team desperately needs to do a release on Fri and comes up with a request they are immediately marked RED.

    How many E-Commerce organizations are following a similar rule ? Why can’t companies adopt to a more mature approach where the expectations are set in stone across the company.

    This is not something that was achieved in a day or two at Google. It was a culture developed from top down . I guess organizations need to take this as a case study and implement and see the results.

    • Lyhn Nguyen says:

      Excellent point Divakar! Moving from “doing” to “being” agile does require organization, level culture shift, and support from management. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment!

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