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January 12, 2017

White Paper: Digital Analytics Software Selection

Click here to see the PDF here. --- Introduction Throughout Nisum’s decades of experience in working across the spectrum of digital analytics tools, we have seen it all. And with so many options in the market for organizations to choose from, this paper will highlight the important aspects to consider before…
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June 24, 2016

Best Practices for Defining SKU ID’s

In this whitepaper, we will help the reader to understand what Stock Keeping Unit is, and why it is so important. We will start off by looking at SKU design and providing some examples of how they can be used. We will then go on to outline best practices for SKU generation,…
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June 21, 2016

BI and Analytics Continuum for Enterprises

In this whitepaper, we will discuss why transitioning from BI to advanced analytics is important, and the Nisum approach to helping our clients scale the analytical robustness of their organizations . Read Full Text Here Business Challenge The voraciousness and complexity of data volume, velocity, variety being generated by organizations…
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May 20, 2016

White Paper: Successful Implementation of an Omnichannel Ecosystem

In this white paper, we present a comprehensive approach for successful omnichannel implementation and provide an easy to follow guide for large scale omnichannel enablement. We will start off by looking at what omnichannel is and some of its pitfalls, and go on to explain how to best enable omnichannel…
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March 2, 2016

Tokenization: Credit Card Fraud Prevention, Beyond PCI Measures

This white paper present various techniques to prevent data security breach, particularly credit cards data. We explain the importance of data security, how credit card processing works, why relying on PCI Compliance is not enough, and the risk involved in not employing other techniques beyond PCI. With our 15+ years…
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January 21, 2016

Agile Models for Global Teams

This white paper is designed to share our knowledge as a provider of distributed Agile software solutions and to help companies get started with distributed Agile, a software development methodology (SDLC) that revolutionizes software release. With traditional “waterfall” methodology a product is released all at once when the product is completed. In contrast,…
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December 7, 2015

Press Release: “Agile Models for Global Teams” White Paper Announcement

Nisum’s new white paper presents five engagement models to use Agile for a globally distributed team at any level of maturity. The new white paper titled “Agile Models for Global Teams” will address the advantages, challenges, and best practice of five engagement models to use with distributed Agile teams focusing…
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