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March 14, 2017

Heralding the Age Of The Customer in IT

Nisum VP of Strategy and Operations, Sajid Mohamedy was featured as a guest author in CIO Insight. Read it here or find the full text below.   Customers’ ability to interact with your brand through any channel—online, in-store, mobile, social, etc.—is table stakes for today’s businesses. Whether you’re serving the…
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March 12, 2017

Nisum Partners with the University of Bío Bío!

After three years, Nisum and the University of Bío Bío have become official! Nisum’s Delia Laforet, Carlos Lewit and Hernán Sangüeza met with the university’s Academic Vice Rector, Aldo Ballerini Arroyo, Research and Development General Director, Mario Ramos Maldonado, Dean, Benito Umaña Hermosilla and other head members of the Business…
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March 8, 2017

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women's Day! Learn how Nisum Latam, with Kodea, are taking positive strides towards women's inclusion in technology. We've worked together to create an incubation program that enriches women's proficiencies in the IT workforce by having them successfully complete real projects to gain the latest skills needed to advance their careers…
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