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13 Things to do Around Forrester Digital Transformation

By May 5, 2017News

If you’re going to be at Forrester Digital Transformation Forum 2017 from May 9 to 10 in Chicago by the beautiful riverside downtown, here is a handy guide on the best restaurants, attractions, and other fun activities to enjoy in this incredible, thriving city!

High end and fine dining restaurants

  1. Spiaggia – a constant feature of the country’s top 10 fine dining restaurants on many lists, Spiaggia offers luxurious and simple Italian fare in an elegant setting that mirrors the Michigan Avenue grandeur.
  2. Ralph Lauren on Magnificent Mile – A departure from the typical downtown traffic, RL offers a country club-like atmosphere with its traditional and indulgent American menu and its opulent mahogany and leather décor.
  3. Alinea – One of chef Grant Achatz’s most famous projects, Alinea is currently number 15 on the World’s 50 Best List. Alinea has three Michelin stars, a seasonal tasting menu, and the promise of transcendental dining.

Casual restaurants

  1. The Purple Pig – You will probably end up waiting for a seat, but if you make that time investment their assortment of homemade charcuterie and cheese boards, extensive collection of local wine, and classic Mediterranean fare will remind you why you did.
  2. No downtown Chicago eatery list is complete without the mention of Lou Malnati’s. Urban legend says Lou’s father Rudy invented the Chicago style deep dish pizza. Jury’s out on whether that honor resides with the Malnati family, but no one is up in arms about it because their simple, homemade ingredients and traditional recipe might actually bring about world peace.
  3. Yolk – Yolk has breakfast and lunch menus that can really put a spring in your step as you navigate the conference. They have vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options so no matter what your preferences, if you’re on the lookout for a cozy or power-packed meal, Yolk will take care of you.


  1. Cloud Gate, Millennium Park – Fondly dubbed “The Bean”, this iconic stainless steel installation is a staple of several Instagram travelogues and selfie backgrounds. Indian born-British based artist Anish Kapoor conceptualized this keeping Chicago’s magnificent skyline in mind. Day or night, The Bean is a must see.
  2. Chicago Riverwalk – For breathtaking views of the city, saunter on over to the Riverwalk that also offers several dining options, plenty of seating along the way, and if you’re in the mood and weather permitting, you can also take a boat tour or a ride in a water taxi!
  3. Willis Tower Skydeck – If being suspended 1,353 feet off the ground in a transparent cube is your idea of fun, the Willis Tower Skydeck Ledge offers you exactly that! But if hanging out on the ledge of the second tallest building in the US is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy a 50-mile-wide birds eye view of the city and learn more about the city’s major landmarks on the 103rd
  4. Chicago Observation Deck – While on the topic of heights and the incredible Chicago skyline, the observation deck, previously called the John Hancock Observatory, has floor-to-ceiling windows that let you enjoy more of the spectacular skyline. In addition to the unobstructed view of the city, they also offer packages for groups to sip prosecco on their 95th floor lounge and restaurant while soaking in that gorgeous view.

Here are some non-downtown but cool things Chicago has to offer that you should try to check out on this trip or put it on your bucket list!

  1. Nutella Bar at Eataly – That’s right, an entire restaurant dedicated to extolling the virtues of the blessing that is Nutella. It’s hard to resist their fruit crepes, thick brioche buns to be carriers, delicate cookies sandwiched with Nutella, or just straight up dainty cups of pure Nutella!
  2. World’s largest sundae at Margie’s Candies – Since 1921, Margie’s Candies in Logan Square has been serving their half gallon ice cream with homemade waffles and decadent syrup confection to everyone from Al Capone to The Beatles. Dare to try it?
  3. Schaller’s Pump – A coveted sports ritual for Sox fans, stop by the oldest bar in town that has been open since 1881 to experience the local fanfare and sports fervor.


You can find Nisum at Booth L throughout the 2017 Forrester Digital Transformation Conference in Chicago from May 9-10! VP of Strategy & Operations, Sajid Mohamedy will also be speaking at a VIP breakfast about “Making Digital Transformation Actionable in the Age of the Customer.” Be sure to get in touch with Nisum Director of Sales, Mausami Kakkar (@MausamiKakkar on Twitter) to discuss your digital strategy! You can also follow us on Twitter @NisumTech for more updates.


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