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Nisum to Exchange Insights with Industry Peers and Thought Leaders at CIO Executive Summit

By May 12, 2017News, _Insights

 Update – June 9, 2017

The CIO Executive Summit was a great opportunity to exchange potential solutions regarding the challenges that many executives face throughout their digital transformation strategy. CIOs are having to adjust the culture of their companies and integrate operating models that are flexible and responsive with an approach to understanding customer needs and delivering capabilities. With the increased applications of the cloud, AI/IA, and IoT, there was a lot of discussion on garnering benefits from integrating each in different industries and overcoming the novel challenges that have come about with these new technologies. Blockchain has become a high priority on many executives’ initiatives, and the discussion was heavy throughout the day at the summit. It seems like many project to utilize Blockchain in the future within their digital strategy, and this healthy dialogue enhanced understandings of how this feature can be effectively utilized in different industries.


​Nisum is proud to sponsor Evanta’s ​13th annual CIO Summit in Los Angeles on June 7th. The CIO Summit brings together top technology leaders to harness a powerful peer networking group and help organizations be on the cutting edge.

“The CIO Executive Summit continues to be the top event to deliver collaboration, networking, idea sharing and open feedback on pertinent topics,” Wes Hargrove, SVP Development for 7-Eleven.

“As CIO, there are a variety of people who call you and ask for your time. The CIO Executive Summit is the only event I chose to be involved with, because of the people who are involved and the value it delivers,” Randy Sloan, CIO & VP, Technology for Southwest Airlines Co.

This year will feature candid conversations with executives from First American Financial, Gartner, Kaiser Permanente, Live Nation Entertainment, Sprint, Taco Bell, UCLA IS Associates and more. Reach out now for your chance to collaborate on the industry’s hottest topics — including virtual and augmented realities, artificial intelligence and deep-learning technologies, and create powerful partnerships across the business.

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